How to Improve in Rocket League- New starters

Rocket League can be one of the toughest games to improve at. Especially if you’re starting late, it can seem like you’re surrounded by amazing players. Here is a guide on how to close the skill gap and catch up as quickly as possible.

  • Rocket League course– Reading and studying our Rocket League course can be an ideal way to improve for players at all skill levels. It covers almost every aspect you need to know to ranking up.
  • Learning the basics- Start by learning the controls. How to boost, jump, double jump, powerslide, and more. These skills can be learnt in free-play practice where its just you and the ball. This is the best way to get to grips with these basic controls as you are under no pressure (like you are in a match situation) to perform a skill.
  • Playing with others- playing with friends or players better than you is a fantastic way to improve your knowledge and skills of the game. Not everyone has friends who are good at the game so an alternative could be to pay for a coaching session.
  • Watching Professionals- learning from the best in the world is an obvious method to pick up new expertise.
  • Practice, practice… practice! The same if said for anything in life. The more you practice and the more hours you put in, the better you will get.
  • Focus on positioning- This is a crucial aspect of Rocket League. Knowing where to be on the field at any given time can be the difference between winning and losing. Try paying attention to where your teammates, opponents, and the ball is and position yourself accordingly. We discuss this in more depth in our ranking up course.
  • Communication skills- when playing a gamemode with teammates, it is important to communicate what you are doing. Being in a voice call on platforms such as Discord can help communication be as live as possible. If you’re playing with a random, using quick chats such as “I got It!” can stop double committing. Double committing puts your team in a bad situation as someone will be out of position.

Progress does not always happen immediately, but with practice, dedication, and following these tips, we’re confident you can develop your Rocket League skills.

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