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Unleash Your Potential through these Step by Step Rocket League Guides!

Our step-by-step courses are designed for all skill levels including starters to advanced players helping everyone achieve their desired ranks. This course is backed and recommended by Professional and top Rocket League players. Find out more below about topics within each course, prices, FAQ, which professional players recommend the courses and more!

Recommended by Professional & Top 100 Rocket League Players!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can access your course by logging into your account. You can come back to your course as many times as you like so there is no need to rush it through.

Yes, as soon as you purchase, you’ll be given private access to all of you course’s content.

Our 2 in 1 course is designed for players of all skill levels varying from Bronze to Grand Champion. For just our starter course, we believe it would be suitable for bronze to platinum players. Furthermore, our advanced course is suitable for players between diamond and Grand Champion.

The content for this course is only accessible through Gamers Guide! We’ve worked extra hard to make these courses as in depth as possible whilst trying to keep it simplistic to understand. Our course offers advice varying from text, video demonstrations, image examples and training packs whilst putting all the topics in one place!